"Remain you thus throughout the night..."

For those who love the Detective and the Demoness.

The Demona/Elisa femslash fandom
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WELCOME, dear fans of Demona, Elisa, and Gargoyles femslash!!

This community is formed to celebrate the fan-made pairing of Demona and Elisa. Romanticism, smut, fluffy gooey-sweetness... all facets one could put the duo into...

But, like any good community, we need Rules. So here we go.

ONE. Femslash only. Guys are right out, even if paired up with either Demona or Elisa. (Sorry, Goliath!)

TWO. Although we will permit other females (Angela, Fox, Robyn Canmore, the Wyrd Sisters, etc.) besides Demona and/or Elisa in art/fanfiction/etc. in this group, it will be ONLY if paired with either/both of them, and ONLY in small amounts. Remember, this IS a primarily Demona/Elisa community, not a generic Gargoyles femslash group.

THREE. No depictions of unnecessary character-death, mutilation, or excessive gore or any kind. This is a group for love, not horrifying vengeance. (Death IS permitted, however, if it is part of a VALID plot point... but not, say, having Goliath get smashed in stone-sleep just to have a deus-ex-machina reason for Demona and Elisa to go off and boink each other somewhere)

FOUR. PLEASE put ALL art and fics depicting sex and/or nudity, and any art or fic of length behind an LJ-Cut. Brief text descriptions of the art, and Title/Rating/Warning for fics are permitted outside the cut, but keep the meat of the post inside the cut, so as not to disrupt the f-lists of those watching the community.

FIVE. If your fic contains potentially-offensive material, such as non-consentuality, BDSM, bestiality, toilet-play, or other such fetish/kink items, please mark them as such outside the LJ-Cut, so those not wishing to read such things may avoid them. Also, if neccessary, do the same for your art, and use a standard link instead of an embedded image so those not wanting to see such depictions may skip them.

SIX. ...This is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE. Enjoy yourself, and have fun!