The Shadow. (the shadow?! the shadow!) (ladyvader14) wrote in demona_elisa,
The Shadow. (the shadow?! the shadow!)

Just to get the ideas flowing...

Since I, like most of you I imagine, have noticed that there isn't much going on here right now, I've decided to just post a topic for discussion/ consideration.

Obviously, we all enjoy the Elisa/Demona pairing, or we wouldn't be here. So what are the circumstances you all see for them getting together? Alternate timelines, tragedy, close encounters, etc.; what do you think is a good reason for these two canon-enemies to get together?

Who knows, if someone finds something intriguing in one of the answers, maybe a RR can be started.

And just because I'm asking this question, I'll be the first to give my answer: I'm a big fan of the two getting together because something catastrophic or untimely happens. For example: Angela is hurt in some way and Dominique, worried about her, visits her during the day so that the rest of the clan won't attack her, just to reassure herself that she's alright. Elisa, seeing Demona's care for her daughter, realizes that she isn't all hate and evil, and things go from there.

Of course that's not very specific, so if you don't really have your scenarios down to the minor details, that's okay. Just give us an overview or even a basic taste.

~Lady M
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