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What the heck, more cross posting.

Hey all. ^_^

I don't know if there are any Asian ball-jointed doll lovers around these parts, but I wanted to let people over here know what's going on in a parallel fandom.

Over on the bjd forum I frequent, there are feelers for a possible Brooklyn doll head being made.

If you have a membership for Den of Angels already, here is the link.


If you don't have a membership to the forum, here is the TL;DR version.

The original poster was planning on modifying a doll head into a Brooklyn-type gargoyle, but it evolved into possibly ordering a custom sculpted head from a professional company. There are only ten slots available, and so far it looks like it won't be ordered until this summer sometime.

We're still kinda looking around to see if anyone is interested in getting in on the group order for this.

And if you have no idea what weird language I am speaking, but you like dolls and think a Brooklyn doll would be awesome... XD Go look up Ball jointed dolls on wikipedia.


Thank you very much for your time! ^^
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