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We're not smashed yet...

We have new content on the way... it's just that finding good Demona/Elisa stuff isn't easy.

We're not sure when it'll be finished, but ladyvader14 and I have a nice 'rewrite' of the episode "The Mirror" in the works...

Until then, enjoy this lovely bit of plotless smuttery...

Demona sighed slowly, rubbing her browridge as she reviewed the report for what seemed like the twentieth time. Why must her inferiors always be so incompetent? Every time she re-read this report, she found still more mistakes. This isn’t even that difficult of a report! She thought to herself angrily. Must I really do everything myself?! Idly, she scribbled something in the margins of the page, and then realized as she went to the next paragraph that she had no idea what she’d just written. She knew she needed a break, but put it off yet again. She was almost finished, and then she could devote her attention to far more pleasant activities.

One of which was doing her best to sneak in quietly behind her, Demona noted as a smirk fell across her face. At the last possible second before this distraction would have pounced on her, Demona whirled around on the sofa, catching her would-be assailant by surprise. "Boo!"

Elisa started for only a split second and then grimaced. "Won’t I ever be able to get the drop on you?" she complained only half-heartedly, draping her arms around her lover’s neck.

"I doubt it," Demona said softly, leaning her head backwards into her lover’s embrace. "You’ll have to content yourself with distracting me from my work."

The detective chuckled and reached for the report, thumbing through it idly. "Haven’t you already read this one tonight?"

Groaning at the reminder, Demona nodded. "Only about twenty times. More mistakes keep managing to slip past me. Every time I read it, I find one error and miss a dozen more."

Elisa continued to thumb through the paper, coming around the side of the couch to sit beside Demona. Her blue lover looked at her amusedly.

"Are the reports about my company’s investments really that interesting?" she teased, trying to surreptitiously get the papers back out of Elisa’s grasp.

"Not at all," murmured the human. "It’s just fun to annoy you." She reached over to the side table on her side of the couch, grabbing her reading glasses. She placed them on the very end of her nose and looked over the glasses at the papers, putting on the mannerisms of some overly strict librarian.

Demona rolled her eyes and sighed pseudo-exasperatedly. "I guess I can always read it tomorrow while I’m at work and you can’t distract me." She grinned, chuckling a little at the expression on her lover’s face.

Elisa looked up, feigning innocence. "Distracting? Me?" She put a hand on her chest, as if offended. "Whatever would give you that idea?" She smiled coyly, and then went back to ‘reading’ the report. In her mind, she was counting down. 5...4...3...2...

Reaching over oh-so-subtly, the immortal slipped the glasses off of her lover’s face and placed them carefully back on the end table. She paused for a small moment, and then wrapped both of her arms around the detective’s neck, pulling her in for a hungry kiss.

Elisa made a small squeak of surprise at the ferocity of the kiss, and then tossed to papers away, returning the kiss with equal hunger. She slid her hands over Demona’s hips, pressing herself closer until her breasts were crushed against Demona’s. The immortal moaned into the kiss, glorying in the feeling of Elisa’s body against hers. Slowly, she lessened the ferocity of the kiss, parting her lips in invitation to her lover. Purring slightly, the detective ran her tongue playfully over Demona’s parted lips before diving in, closing her eyes and seeking to almost drown in her cerulean lover’s embrace. Gradually, Demona shifted in position, threading her fingers through the shining ebony hair of her honey-skinned angel, pulling her even closer with another moan.

After a long moment, Elisa opened her eyes, not wanting to miss a single moment of Demona pressed against her. Slowly, she, too shifted on the couch, resting her back on the soft leather so that the gargoyle could lie atop her. Demona took only an instant to readjust to the new position, shifting to straddle her lover’s hips with her weight on her knees. Her hands slid over the detective’s shoulder, massaging them lightly. Elisa relaxed her head, letting it rest against the arm of the couch. Her lower body squirmed just a little to entice the immortal as she sighed at the feel of Demona’s hands on her shoulders.

Demona shifted her attention slightly downwards, kissing and licking lightly down Elisa’s neck, her hands trailing down to knead Elisa’s breasts through her black t-shirt. She chuckled into her lover’s throat, nibbling a little at the tender flesh with her sharp teeth. "You’re not wearing a bra, my dear."

"Mmmm..." Elisa purred, moaning into Demona’s movements and arching her chest up to meet her lover’s hands. "And this is a problem...?" she murmured quietly, sliding her own hands beneath Demona’s halter, running her fingers over the skin where the wings met her back.

The immortal laughed quietly, pinching Elisa’s nipples lightly through the shirt before trailing her hands down to grasp the hem of the garment. "Not at all," she whispered huskily, lifting the shirt up and exposing her lover’s breasts to the air. Elisa let out a sound halfway between a moan and a gasp as Demona trailed a line of kisses down the valley between her breasts, tenderly nuzzling the skin there. The detective dug her fingernails lightly into the gargoyle’s flesh, and Demona groaned at the feeling. She whispered something inaudible against Elisa’s bare skin, sliding a hand back down to cup one breast, turning the attention of her mouth to the other.

Teasingly, she kissed and licked just around Elisa areola before reaching the nipple and suckling on it hungrily. Elisa gasped in pleasure at the contact, and Demona smiled, knowing that Elisa’s breasts were more sensitive than most women’s. The detective responded by digging her fingernails into her back a little harder, dragging them slowly over Demona’s skin. Demona moaned softly against her lover’s skin at the feeling of her nails, and she dragged her tongue over Elisa’s nipple. She pulled her head back a little, blowing lightly on the wetted nipple. Her hand on the other breast returned to rest on the human’s hip as Demona moved and began suckling on the other breast without preamble.

"Oh..." Elisa groaned, her breath beginning to come in wild pants as she slid her hands up, tangling in the vibrant red hair of her cerulean goddess and pressing her closer. Her thighs parted at some unbidden call, and she moaned her lover’s name wantonly. "Demona..."

Slowly, teasingly, Demona began to trail her kisses downward, one of her hands moving to unbutton Elisa’s jeans. On other occasions, she had been so violent in her desires that she hadn’t bothered with the actual clasps of Elisa’s garments and just ripped them off. Tonight, though, she moved with careful precision, grasping the zipper carefully and slowly pulling it down. The policewoman noticed Demona’s tortuous care for her clothing, and arched her hips a little, giving her easier access, though she wished with every fiber of her that Demona would move faster. She slid her hands down her lover’s shoulders and onto the base of her wings, tugging at them in the way she knew Demona liked and gasping softly. "Please.... Demona..." she moaned gently.

Smiling wickedly, the gargoyles slid her lover’s pants off in one motion, noticing with pleasure that Elisa had forgone underwear as well. She took care to ensure that her fingers brushed against her lover’s skin as they made their way downward. After what seemed an eternity, she finally tossed the garment aside and moving to lightly nuzzle Elisa’s inner thigh. The human was gasping with each breath now, her hips rising off of the couch as she groaned with need, Demona’s name on her lips at every other breath, needing her. The gargoyle slid her tongue lightly along the lower lips of her lover, seeking out the center of pleasure and showering it with the attention of her lips and tongue. Her hands trailed down Elisa’s thighs, her claws lightly grazing into her skin. The policewoman was crying out loudly now, but not yet screaming as her hips bucked into Demona’s mouth, wanting anything and everything from her lover and offering all of herself in return. She whispered and whimpered half-coherent pleas, her body shimmering in a thin sheet of sweat.

Demona breathed softly against the moist skin, moaning quietly herself. "Oh Elisa..." she purred. "You know how much I love it when you scream for me..." she murmured against her lover’s skin before putting her tongue to far better use, thrusting it suddenly within her lover, caressing her inner walls, tasting her, wanting her, claiming Elisa as hers. Elisa groaned violently as her lover entered her, letting out a sound that was halfway between a sob and a scream. She felt herself getting so terribly close, she clenched her hands into tight fists, feeling her fingernails dig into her own skin. She managed to withhold her orgasm for only a short moment longer before it overwhelmed her, and she let loose the scream Demona had asked of her. She cried out wildly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, spending itself in her after a long, drawn out moment, leaving her sweaty and panting beneath Demona as her name still echoed around the room.

Demona grinned happily, pulling away after a time and stretching out beside her human lover lazily, looking not unlike the cat with the canary. She slowly ran a hand through ebony tresses and then kissed her lover softly, sharing her taste on her tongue. Elisa murmured weakly against the gargoyle’s lips, enjoying her taste on Demona’s lips and finally unclenching her fists. She sighed happily, sliding her hands around the immortal’s neck and murmuring contentedly, knowing that heaven could not possibly be any nicer than this. The gargoyle smiled against the policewoman’s lips, slipping her arms around Elisa’s waist to hold her close, sucking lightly on her tongue. The policewoman burrowed in next to her cerulean angel on the couch, running her tongue lightly over the inside of her mouth, her fingers entangling in her hair as she nestled in snuggly, waiting for her heart to stop beating quite so ferociously.

Slowly, languidly, one of them broke the kiss, and the two lovers held each other closely. Demona was in need of her lover’s touch after watching Elisa reach ecstasy, but she was content to wait a short while for her human to return to the planet. She nuzzled the detective’s cheek lovingly, holding her close against her breast. There they remained for a short while, wrapped in the love of the other like a blanket, until at last Elisa purred quietly, looking into her lover’s ebony eyes and caressing her cheek. The immortal purred softly, running a taloned hand lightly through Elisa’s hair. Elisa murmured softly at the touch, loving to have her hair toyed with. She turned on the couch, allowing Demona to settle on her back so that her wings were not in an uncomfortable position. The policewoman moved atop her lover slowly, resting there for a moment as Demona purred quietly, brushing a stray piece of hair out of her human’s face.

Elisa lay against the gargoyle for a moment, sliding her hands over her lover’s hips after a time. The immortal smiled up at her with a contented sigh, her eyes closing as she relaxed against the couch, finding comfort in Elisa’s embrace. The human chuckled at the picture of tranquility beneath her, and she slid her hands beneath Demona’s halter, simply wanting to run her fingers of her lover’s bare flesh. Her blue-skinned goddess shivered faintly at the touch, lightly caressing Elisa’s shoulders. With slow, subtle movements, the human cupped one of Demona’s breasts slowly, bathing her lover’s neck with her tongue, suckling lightly on the blue flesh. Gradually, her second hand slithered down the gargoyle’s form to join the other in lightly caressing Demona’s breasts. The redhead moaned softly, arching her back towards her lover as Elisa began to lightly flick her thumbs over her nipples. She trailed kisses over blue skin, making her way upwards to nibble lightly on Demona’s lower lip.

The gargoyle moaned again, this time not-so-softly, licking her human’s lips playfully, and Elisa opened her mouth in response, inviting Demona’s tongue within, raising the halter a little more. She lightly rolled the immortal’s nipples in her fingers as if they were little pebbles, feeling them harden in her hands. The immortal slid her tongue into her lover’s open mouth, whimpering faintly and arching her back even more, offering her chest to Elisa’s hands. Raven locks fell like a curtain around blue skin as the policewoman took a breast in each hand, massaging them slowly, gradually using her fingernails to trail over every inch of flesh, paying special attention to the stiff little nubs at their centers. Demona moaned quietly into Elisa’s mouth, writhing with growing need under the attentions of mouth and fingers.

Elisa smiled, chuckling against her lover’s lips as her hands moved to fully encompass the gargoyle’s breasts, tugging at her nipples with soft little pulls. Gradually, she broke the kiss, readjusting her lover and spreading Demona’s legs further apart. The immortal was more than willing to shift positions, taking a small moment to completely rid herself of her halter, her breasts heaving with each uneven breath. The detective paused a moment as well, letting her eyes dance over her lover’s topless form, watching her chest rise and fall before she slid her hands one more over the cerulean breasts. Slowly, she released one to replace it with her tongue, the hand sliding teasingly lower to slide between loincloth and heated flesh.

Demona groaned encouragingly, sliding her hands through her lover’s hair, tilting her head back as Elisa slowly rubbed her hand in small circles over her mound. She trailed her tongue over her nipple before sucking on it violently, nibbling playfully. The immortal shifted her hands to rest on either of her human’s shoulder, her talons digging into the flesh a little harder than she probably intended. "Elisa... please..." she whimpered achingly. The detective answered the moan with one of her own, feeling a familiar sensation of flutters in her stomach, lapping at Demona’s nipple hungrily. She released the nipple after a moment, bringing her lips to her lover’s. In a sudden movement, her free hand wrapped around Demona’s neck as she slid two fingers home within the gargoyle.

The redhead cried out at the sudden penetration, her eyes closing tightly as she writhed beneath Elisa, needing her, only her. There was a flutter of movement beneath them both, and Elisa echoed her lover’s cry as a tail suddenly slipped between her lower lips. The detective groaned in pleasure, taking her fingers out of her lover before thrusting them violently back in, building up a steady rhythm. Demona copied it with her tail, and the sounds of their moans mixed together as they rocked in the other’s embrace. The gargoyle and the human kissed each other with rising passion, Demona moaning wantonly against her lover’s lips, her body pulling taut.

Elisa struggled to make her thoughts remain coherent as she separated from her lover’s lips. She nipped at Demona’s neck as she thrust, moving her thumb to press on the gargoyle’s clitoris. She rubbed it in small circles as the thrusts grew harder and faster, knowing how terribly, wonderfully close they both were. Demona whimpered faintly, her teeth clenched as her head tilted back, gasping softly as she held out for what seemed an eternity. She thrust her tail in even harder, feeling Elisa's walls close in around it, her own muscles tightening almost to the breaking point before at last she surrenders. She cried out her lover's name, and a wave of pleasure washed over them both, as Elisa joined her in orgasm. They rocketed into euphoria together as an ocean of pleasure crashed over them, finally leaving them trembling, panting and utterly spent in the other's arms.

They pulled out of each other gently, leaving their garments as they were, hair tousled but both completely content. One of them, it remains unsure which, chuckled gently and wrapped her arms around the other. The other smiled contentedly, resting her head in the crook of her lovers neck. They closed their eyes in contentment, and all the remained afterwards were a few spoken words, thought they both knew they went without saying.

"I love you, Demona."

"And I love you, Elisa."

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